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You want to fill a bag on a vibration feeder with high accuracy and transfer the weight signal in high speed to a PLC. What would be a good solution?

We recommend using analog weigh modules such as MultiMount and the TrasDSP filter of the ACT350 weight transmitter. That would update the PLC reading up to 800/s and provide excellent accuracy.

Are you looking for a small capacity 3 kg (10 lb.) weighing solution with Allen Bradly/Rockwell Ethernet/IP connectivity?

METTLER TOLEDO single-point load cells start at 3 kg and can be easily connected to Allen Bradly/Rockwell PLCs via ACT350 transmitters.

How can you connect my weighing device to an Allen Bradley/Rockwell PLC? 

We offer various levels of scale indicators and transmitters supporting Allen Bradly/Rockwell connectivity e.g. for Device Net and Ethernet/IP.

You need to weigh high speed with a quick settling time. What is your solution?

For high-speed weighing, two elements are important. First, a high update rate of 100 Hz and beyond is required. Many of our terminals and transmitters update at that speed. Second, fast filtering is required to get rid of noise. METTLER TOLEDO TraxDSP filters are designed for this purpose.