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Will the IND500x interface with my PLC, MES or ERP system?

Yes. The IND500x can be configured with options such as analog output and RS-232 serial communication. It comes standard with digital I/O, with the option to expand the number of I/O. Using the optional safe-area ACM500 module further enhances interface options with choices of serial/Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus and Profinet connectivity. The ACM200 module can also be used to provide serial connectivity.

What hazardous area approvals are available with the IND500x?

The intrinsically safe IND500x weighing indicator is approved for use in Zone 1/21 and Division 1 for FM, ATEX and IECEx. Please contact your sales representative for other country-specific approvals.

What does "intrinsically safe" mean?

Intrinsically safe technology prevents explosions by ensuring that the energy transferred to a hazardous area is well below the energy required to initiate an explosion. As such, it is restricted to electrical apparatuses and circuits in which the output or consumption of energy is limited. Intrinsically safe systems enable equipment to be used without risk of igniting any flammable gas, dust or fibers that may present in hazardous areas. Our hazardous area scales are intrinsically safe.


How accurate is the IND500x?

The IND500x weighing indicator from METTLER TOLEDO offers readability up to 600,000d, depending on the weighing scale system used.

METTLER TOLEDO has a wide variety of intrinsically safe scale solutions for hazardous zones. From hazardous area high precision bench scales, hazardous area floor scales, hazardous area load cells, and more. Find your perfect hazardous area scale today, and achieve safe, accurate and efficient weighing.

Can the IND500x be programmed to meet our specific needs?

The IND500x can be configured with the optional TaskExpert application, which can be used to create custom programs to meet your needs. Filling and formulation applications are also available to enable process accuracy and high-quality production. Please contact your sales representative for more information on the capabilities.

What services are offered for the IND500x?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide range of services for safe and hazardous area weighing systems. Our technicians and partners receive continuous training to meet the service needs of our customers and keep your production uptime at maximum levels.