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Collected applications

Ready to use methods from the titration specialist
Our research chemists have prepared a series of applications to support customers in their routine work:

  • Free single methods directly from our application database
    Our search engine allows you to search for applications by type, industry, and keyword.  Download a PDF with a full application description, method parameters, and example curves and results.  In many cases, a COP file for direct import into the LabX titration software is available.

    -> Go to our titration application search page 

  • Printed and electronic brochures of collected applications (pricing varies)
    Each brochure is dedicated to a segment or industry with collected applications, general information regarding analysis and suggested instruments and sensors. 


NameOrder Number English
44Selected Sodium Content DeterminationsElectronic Only
43InMotion™ AutosamplerElectronic Only
42Metals in the Mining Industry51725306
41Analyticaly Methods for the Sugar Industry11796364
40Liquid Handler Applications51725111
39Polyurethane IndustryElectronic Only
38Water Determination by Karl Fischer51725075
37Water Analysis51725072
36Biofuel Analysis51725070
35Selected Applications - New Titration Sensors     
Electronic Only
34Titration Excellence Selected Applications51725066
31Food and Beverage Analysis30057646
27Karl Fischer with HomogenizersElectronic Only
22Surfactant Titration51725015
16Validation of Titration Methods - A Guideline for Customers51724912A
11Gran Evaluation51724677
10Specialty Chemicals51725073
8Standardization of TitrantsElectronic Only
4Titrations for Electronics IndustryElectronic Only



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