Melting Point of Polymers – A Detailed Method
Application Method

Melting Point of Polymers

Application Method

Detailed Method to Identify the Melting Point of Polymers

polymer melting point
polymer melting point

Importance of the Melting Point of Polymers

Often the quality of raw polymers has to be tested before they are used for injection molding. Among other tests the melting range is determined in order to set the recommended melting temperature. The melting temperature is the temperature the material should be as it leaves the molding machine and enters the mold. This temperature is different for every material made, and should be held as close as possible by the molder to attain parts with expected physical, mechanical and thermal properties. That is why the melting temperature setting of the molding machine is so important.

Simple and Efficient Melting Point Determination

In order to achieve comparable results the determination should follow a certain standard which determines sample preparation, method parameters and how to report.
The METTLER TOLEDO Melting Point Excellence Systems offer accurate determinations thanks to video camera recording and automatic melting point detection.

With this application note you will learn to determine the melting point of polymers using the METTLER TOLEDO Melting Point Excellence.

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