New Portable Oxygen Analyzer from METTLER TOLEDO Offers Convenient At-Line Monitoring

New Portable Oxygen Analyzer from METTLER TOLEDO Offers Convenient At-Line Monitoring

InTap from METTLER TOLEDO is a rugged and reliable oxygen analyzer for the brewery and soft drinks industries.

Urdorf, Switzerland – METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics announces the launch of the InTap portable oxygen analyzer for brewery and soft drink applications.

InTap samples and measures dissolved and gas oxygen values at-line for control of beer and soft drink production.

The analyzer can also be used for calibrating in-line dissolved oxygen sensors. Using Bluetooth communication, calibration data can be sent directly to in-line sensors, preventing the possibility of manual copying errors.

Features include:

  • Internal optical dissolved oxygen sensor for rapid, accurate measurement
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Large, high resolution display can be seen from a distance
  • IP67 enclosure resists wet environments
  • Stores data for up to 99 measurement points

The accuracy of the InTap is comparable to standard in-line sensor / transmitter combinations, allowing the InTap to be used as a temporary replacement of an in-line sensor during maintenance.

As a portable system, the InTap can support the transition from off-line dissolved oxygen measurement to in-line measurement for smaller breweries.

“Flexibility and ease-of-use were at the forefront when designing InTap,” says Antonio Tarancon, Product Manager at METTLER TOLEDO. “It can be widely used in beer and soft drink production from the smallest to the largest facilities.”

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InTap portable oxygen analyzer
InTap portable oxygen analyzer

About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division develops and manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for process measurement and control, offering measurements of pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, oxygen reduction potential, resistivity/conductivity, total organic carbon and flow. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as:

  • Brewing, food and beverage production
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Chemical process and refining industries
  • Power and steam generation plants
  • Microelectronics manufacturing

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