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Precision Balances PL1502E

Solid Weighing to Go.Portable balance for basic needs: 1520 g capacity, 0.01 g readability, backlit LCD, external adjustment, battery operation, stackable covers

Tough and Lightweight Design

Lightweight yet solidly built, the precision weighing cell and vibration-resistant design delivers high performance on temporary work surfaces.

Compact and Portable

Designed to minimize footprint, the PL-E balance also supports battery operation, ideal when working in limited space and without a power supply.

Backlit LCD Display

Large, illuminated digits are legible under any light conditions. An easy to follow user interface also gives access to 9 built-in applications.

사양 - Precision Balances PL1502E
Maximum Capacity 1,520 g
Readability 0.01 g
Repeatability, limit 0.01 g
Interfaces RS232
Linearity, limit 0.02 g
Adjustment External
Legal for Trade No
Weighing Pan Diameter 160 mm
Repeatability (typical) 0.007 g
Linearity, typically 0.015 g
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical 1.4 g
Settling Time 2 s
Repeatability 0.01 g
Linearity 0.02 g
Linearity ± 0.02 g
Display LCD Backlit Display
Dimensions (DxHxW) 225 mm x 67 mm x 194 mm
Applications Check weighing; Counting; Density; Dynamic weighing; Factor weighing; Formulation; Percent weighing; Totaling; Weighing
Balance Size (DxHxW) 225 mm x 67 mm x 94 mm
Battery operation Yes
Capacity 1,520 g
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.01 g
Power AC Power supply and battery operation
Readability 10 mg
Temperature accuracy (±) 10 ppm/°C
식별 번호 30113823

Stackable Cover

Simply stack and pack up to 5 balances for quick, easy storage – effectively protected against dust and dirt.

Safe and easy transportation

The handy transport case is perfect for field experiments or when you need to weigh on the go: accommodates balance, AC adapter, batteries and weights.


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Precision Balances PL1502E
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