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Filterkit XPR/XSR-Ana

Filter Weighing Solution. Filter weighing kit for filter sizes up to 110 mm in diameter to use on XPR/XSR analytical balances

Easy Weighing of Large Filter Samples

The Filter Weighing Kit for Excellence Analytical Balances enables fast and easy weighing of filter samples up to 110 mm.

Precise Filter Positioning

The special weighing cage allows precise positioning of the filters. The cage acts as a Faraday cage to shield against electrostatic influence.

Intuitive Installation and Operation

The ergonomically designed kit is easily assembled on the balance. The perfect access, even for large filters, makes handling intuitive and easy.

사양 - Filterkit XPR/XSR-Ana
식별 번호 30460857


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Filterkit XPR/XSR-Ana
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