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Stainless-Steel Floor Scales for Wet Areas

Weighing in Wet, Clean, and Hygienic Environments

Stainless-steel floor scales are weighing platforms designed for use in wet areas or heavy wash-down applications. These hygienically designed floor scales help to minimize contamination risk and speed up cleaning processes while delivering reliable results in corrosive environments. Choose from waterproof floor scales with easy lifting mechanisms, wheels for production flexibility, and analog or digital weighing technology to meet your production requirements.

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FAQs - Stainless-Steel Floor Scales

Stainless Steel Scale / Hygienically Designed Scales

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of waterproof floor scales tailored for hygienic areas. Our stainless-steel scale offering is a perfect fit for those requiring hygienically safe solutions. In addition to stainless-steel floor scales and bench scales, you can also find hygienically designed weigh modules.

METTLER TOLEDO supplies washdown floor scales designed specifically for maintaining sanitation in wash down areas. The rugged design and stainless-steel construction enable these scales to stand up to tough industrial environments. In addition, the scales simplify the regular cleaning required in facilities such as food processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical processing operations.

What are the benefits of stainless-steel floor scales for hygienic areas?

Stainless steel is ideal for hygienically sensitive areas because it is easier to clean and does not easily harbor germs in crevices etc. METTLER TOLEDO takes hygiene to a new level with our washdown floor scales that are liftable, allowing for easy cleaning under and around the scale.

Why are stainless-steel floor scales ideal for pharmaceutical production?

Cross-contamination in drug manufacturing impacts product quality and may even lead to product recalls. Hygienically designed weighing equipment, such as stainless-steel floor scales, helps prevent cross-contamination and ensures regulatory compliance.

Why choose a liftable floor scale?

Open channels and recesses are perfect places for contaminants to hide. They make it harder to maintain the hygienic conditions required for food and pharmaceutical processing. The PFA579lift floor scale solves the problem. With a fully sealed frame and no exposed threads, the scale gives contaminants nowhere to hide. Combined with an easy-to-lift platform, the fully sealed design makes this scale your best choice for easy wash down in hygienic applications. A high-performance, rocker-pin suspension provides accurate weighing in wet and corrosive environments. The PFA579lift floor scale can be installed in a pit or on top of the floor.

How can I know the scale capacity and limitation?

Check the label on the platform and indicator or visit our webpage to download the user manual.

Does your floor scale have the ability to output 4-20mA at 120V?

Yes, our floor scale solutions can include indicators, such as IND570 and IND331, which can provide 4-20mA output at 120V.

Do you have a scale that can weigh 200 lbs. of goods in a heavy, large 57 x 48 x 14 wheel cart?

Yes, METTLER TOLEDO offers scales with very large platform sizes and heavy tares.

Do you have a heavy capacity floor scale up to 1,500 kg with accurate 1 kg readability in wet areas that offers an easy clean function?

Yes, you can select our low profile PUA579lift easy-clean floor scale or our PFA579lift easy-clean floor scale.