Webinar: Return Safely to the Lab | METTLER TOLEDO
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COVID Secure Labs: Enabling a Safe Return to Your Laboratory

실시간 웹 세미나

Working Safely during COVID-19 in Labs and Research Facilities

Many countries have established guidance for working safely during COVID-19 in specific environments, including labs and research facilities. Reducing touches on shared instruments, automating analysis, limiting lab occupancy, working remotely and maintaining good hygiene are essential to ensuring a safe return.

In response, we have developed a CLEAR framework to address these fundamental aspects to ensure safe working.

Clean – Reduce touches on shared equipment with hands-free operation

Load and Leave – Minimise lab occupancy with automated sample management

Exit the Lab – Office or home? Connect to your equipment over a secure network or the internet

Automate – Use software to design and run experiments automatically

Remote – Access your experimental data for review or analysis outside of the lab

Find out more about the many innovative solutions available to support your safe return to work in our free webinar.

Stuart Hall
45 Minutes
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