Synthesis Reactors and Calorimetry Live eLearnings - 메틀러 토레도
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Synthesis Reactors and Calorimetry Live eLearnings

라이브 웹 세미나
세미나 및 교육

Live, virtual training events for Chemists and Chemical Engineers interested in stable and consistent process development – hosted by technology and application experts.

Topics include set-up, utilization, and data analysis with:

  • Automated Reactors (EasyMax, OptiMax, RX-10)
  • Reaction Calorimetry (Heat Flow Calorimetry and RC1)
  • Automated Sampling (EasySampler)

This series of eLearnings teaches the essential aspects required to work with your tools successfully. This ensures that all users can walk up to the instruments and immediately start using them for research and process development, as well as optimization activities.

Each session will last approximately 30 minutes and will be followed by a live Q&A.

Smart Workflows with Automated Reactors & Chemistry Sampling Solutions
July 9 11:00 AM EDT
Presented by Simon Rea

- Temperature Control Modes
- pH Measurement and control
- Automating Metastable Zone Width Determinations
- Highly Reactive Chemistry and Continuous Crystallization via CSTR
- Live Q&A with METTLER TOLEDO Expert
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