Novel Techniques for Modern Chemical Process Development - 메틀러 토레도
라이브 웹 세미나

Novel Techniques for Modern Chemical Process Development

라이브 웹 세미나

Featuring presenters from Huntsman Corporation, Purdue University and the Dow Chemical Company, this free online event is for process chemists and engineers who are interested in learning more about the design of safe, robust processes for scale-up using novel techniques and technologies.

Presenters will share practical examples and case studies that demonstrate benefits including:

  • Improved usability and safety
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Delivery of more information per experiment


  • In-situ Monitoring of Acrylonitrile Addition with Mid-IR to Improve Process and Product Quality
    Matt Meredith, PhD - Huntsman Corporation

  • Utilization of Quality by Control for Rapid Process Design of Agrochemical Crystallization
    Wei-Lee Wu - Purdue University

  • Online Mid-IR and Raman Spectroscopy Measurements for Polymer Separation Experiments for Enhanced Compositional Analysis of Polymer Separations
    Mary Alice Upshur, PhD - The Dow Chemical Company
Peter Huefner – METTLER TOLEDO
2 hours
Wed Jan 27 2021 16:00 +0000 [ English ]

Who Should Attend?

  • Process Chemists
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Organic Chemists
  • Polymer Scientists 
  • Separation Scientists

Topics Include:

  • Understanding of critical reaction mechanisms 
  • Development of strategies to optimize crystal size distribution during process development and manufacturing
  • Monitoring of chemical reactions during polymer synthesis and separations

There is no cost to attend but registration is required, and space is limited.

Online Seminar Guest Presenters

Matt Meredith, PhD – Huntsman Corporation
Matt Meredith is a technical manager for the materials science R&D group in Huntsman’s Performance Products division, overseeing product development and technical support for Huntsman’s amine products that are used in polyurethanes, epoxy systems, and polymeric dispersants. He has worked for Huntsman since 2012, initially focusing on agrochemical formulations and additives before joining the polyurethane catalyst group in 2018. Matt holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Oklahoma where he focused on conducting polymer modification and enzymatic bioelectrocatalysis.

Wei-Lee Wu – Purdue University
Wei-Lee Wu is currently a third-year chemical engineering PhD student at Purdue University. He received his undergraduate chemical engineering degree from University of Maryland, College Park. At Purdue, he works in Professor Zoltan Nagy’s CryPTSys research group. His research focuses on utilization of process analytical technology tools for crystallization process development, integration, and optimization in a wide variety of industry applications. Outside of research, he leads the Purdue Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization as the president to facilitate professional development and foster a sense of community for chemical engineering graduate students. 

Mary Alice Upshur, PhD – The Dow Chemical Company
Mary Alice Upshur is a Senior Research Specialist at the Dow Chemical Company. She received her PhD in Chemistry from Northwestern University, where her graduate studies focused the synthesis and analysis of atmospheric secondary organic aerosols including surface specific analyses using Sum Frequency Generation spectroscopy. She joined Dow in 2017 as part of Analytical Sciences group in Core R&D where she supports macromolecular characterization of polymer materials using IR and Raman spectroscopy. Much of her work has focused on the analysis of acrylic-based polymer materials including in situ reaction analysis. In addition to her work in Analytical Sciences, she has also completed rotational research assignments in Dow Performance Silicones and Dow Home & Personal Care. .

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