PAT for 24/7, Data-Rich Experimentation | July 15
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Recent Talks on PAT for 24/7, Data-Rich Experimentation

라이브 웹 세미나

Featuring recent presentations from AbbVie and Merck, this free, online event is for chemists and engineers interested in learning more about strategies around the implementation and utilization of automated reactors and inline Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to boost productivity.

Recent Talks on PAT for 24/7, Data-Rich Experimentation
Recent Talks on PAT for 24/7, Data-Rich Experimentation
  • Automation at AbbVie: The Culture and Impact of Adopting New Technology
    Westin Morrill - AbbVie

  • Multi-Scale PAT for Small Molecule Development 
    Dr. Zachary Dance - Merck & Co., Inc.

During this live stream, a technology and application expert will be online to answer your questions live.

90 Minutes
Wed Jul 15 2020 13:00 +0000 [ English ]

If you are unable attend the live event, register to receive links to the on-demand presentations.

Who Should Attend?
Chemists and Engineers doing chemical development in Pharmaceutical and High-Value Chemical Development Laboratories.In particular, anyone interested in increasing productivity – even with limited time in the lab.

Your Presenters
Westin Morrill - AbbVie
Westin Morrill is a Process Chemist at AbbVie, in North Chicago, IL. He completed his undergraduate work at Portland State University under the guidance of Professor David Peyton in 2009. This lead to his work on development of anti-malarial drugs at DesignMedix, also in Portland. In 2013, he earned an industrial Master of Science in Chemistry from the University of Oregon while working at W.R. Grace developing large scale manufacturing conditions for organometallic complexes and nucleosides. In 2013, he started at the AbbVie Process Chemistry group. He has been a part of several programs, including the process development for Glecaprevir. In conjunction with Process Chemistry, he also helps lead the automation effort at AbbVie.

Dr. Zachary Dance – Merck
After receiving his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Northwestern University, Dr. Dance joined Merck’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering. Since then, he has developed expertise in solid state characterization and PAT in materials of pharmaceutical interest. Most recently, Dr. Dance has led the Merck Research Labs Small Molecule PAT team. He has experience supporting development at all scales, troubleshooting, process optimization, and experimental design related to synthetic reaction understanding and physicochemical properties of APIs and excipients, as well as contributing to multiple patent and regulatory filings.

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