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E4 Pipette Multi E12-1200XLS+





軽量でチップ取り外しに要する力が極めて弱く、なおかつ全チャンネルにわたって最高級の精度を有するE4 XLS+ は、一日中疲労のないピペッティングを可能にします。



Speed Your Workflow

For high-throughput work, nothing compares with the E4™ XLS+™ Multichannel. Fast loading, easy to handle and absolute precision and consistency across all channels are Rainin hallmarks. Increase your productivity and speed your workflow with Rainin's most fully featured and easy-to-use electronic pipette.

Pipette settings, protocols and service alarms can be password protected for GLP/GMP compliance. What's more, GLP data, such as service records, cycles and status data is completely tamper proof.

Your data is everything – trust the E4 XLS+ multichannels to deliver!

仕様 - E4 Pipette Multi E12-1200XLS+
100 µL – 1,200 µL
インクリメント(電動) 1 µL
精度± / 100 µL : 3.6 % / 3.6 µL ; 600 µL : 0.8 % / 4.8 µL ; 1,200 µL : 0.8 % / 9.6 µL
精度± / 100 µL : 0.6 % / 0.6 µL ; 600 µL : 0.2 % / 1.2 µL ; 1,200 µL : 0.15 % / 1.8 µL
チップテクノロジー ライトタッチ・システムLTS
最大容量 1,200 µL
品番 17014499


スマートピペットスタンド(SmartStand )


Adapter for Hang-Ups and Carousel Stand
Three self-adhesive disks for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.
Built-in magnets for fast mounting on metal surfaces.
Rainin Carousel Stand
E4 XLS+ Wall Power Supply
E4 Pipette Multi E12-1200XLS+


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