X-ray Inspection for Packaged Food Products, such as Ready Meals
X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products

X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products

Product Safety and Quality Assurance for Packaged Food and Pharmaceutical Products

X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products
X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products
X-ray Inspection Systems for Packaged Products


X-ray Inspection Systems Specifications



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X-ray Inspection Guide

Guide to X-ray Inspection Technology In the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
The X-ray Inspection Guide provides a single and definitive source of reference to x-ray inspection technology for use in the food and pharmaceutical...


ProdX Data Management Software
ProdX allows you to connect and control your entire product inspection management process from a single point or from multiple remote locations, elimi...
Packaged X-ray Inspection Series Brochure
Introducing the packaged x-ray inspection series for the food and pharmaceutical industry, offering outstanding detection sensitivity through automate...



金属検出、X 線検査 または両方?
このホワイトペーパーは、2つの競合するテクノロジーを簡単に説明します。 そうすることにより、食品と医薬品の製造会社が適切な検出ソリューションを選択する上で支援しています。
How Safe is X-ray Inspection of Food?
This white paper is for food manufacturers who consider x-ray inspection to comply with food-safety regulations and legislations.
Reasons for an X-ray Inspection Programme
This White Paper describes the benefits of implementing an effective x-ray inspection program which include minimizing product recalls and assisting m...


Tong Garden
A case study detailing how a Southeast Asian manufacturer of nuts and snacks installed an X35 to assist with detection of various contaminants includi...
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Kinnerton recently invested in METTLER TOLEDO Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection equipment. This wise investment will ensure that Kinnerton meets th...
La Provence Bakery Turns to Product Inspection Equipment
In 2016 La Provence purchased a new cookie line and turned to METTLER TOLEDO for their new inspection equipment to maximize their final product qualit...
Successful Product Inspection
X-ray inspection systems from Mettler-Toledo Safeline have supported Kuchenmeister in complying with national and international legislation and standa...


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What packaging types can be inspected using X-ray technology?

There are no limitations on types of packaging an x-ray system can inspect. METTLER TOLEDO’s X-ray range consists of the widest group of specialist x-ray solutions on the market. Solutions available include dedicated x-ray systems for packaged, glass and canned products as well as pumped and bulk applications. Typical packaged applications would include foil and plastic containers, pouches, trays, sachets, cartons and boxes, bags and sacks, flow-wraps, PET bottles and blister packs.  

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What effect does package type have on sensitivity?

Traditionally some packaging types could affect sensitivity performance, however our advanced tools, such as ContamPlus™ x-ray software, eliminate packaging effects.  Product testing is crucial to determine the best solution for your application.

Where on the production line would I place the x-ray system?

Typically packaged food products are inspected at the end-of-line, however x-ray inspection system for packaged products from METTLER TOLEDO can be installed at different stages of a production line. They can inspect incoming goods for contaminants such as metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density rubber as well as further down the production line, during processing and end-of-line packaging. For packaged products METTLER TOLEDO x-ray systems can be used to inspect primary and secondary packaging, ensuring product safety.

How does automated product set-up benefit manufacturers?

Automated product set-up and changeovers brings faster start-up times, increases production uptime and reduces programming errors. Manufacturers benefit from obtaining the best contaminant detection results possible, protecting brand integrity and reputation.

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How many packs per Minute (PPM) can be inspected by an x-ray system?

Typical throughput rates can vary from 300 products per minute to 1,000 products per minutes, depending on the application. 

What other inspections further than contaminant detection can be done? 

In addition to identifying contaminants, x-ray systems can simultaneously perform a wide range of extremely valuable in-line quality checks, including:

  • Measuring zoned and gross mass
  • Measuring length
  • Counting components
  • Identifying missing or broken products
  • Monitoring fill levels
  • Inspecting product trapped in the seal
  • Checking for damaged packaging

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Can I sort my rejects so they can be managed differently by our quality teams? 

Yes. Rejected product sorted by rejected type, for example contaminated product could be rejected into one bin and product defects, such as underfill/overfill, into another. This will reduce product waste, as these items can be reworked, saving product and costs.

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Will the x-ray system damage my packaging while inspecting or rejecting? 

We have a number of different guiderails and reject options to suit a diverse range of product types, shapes and sizes to ensure safe product transfer in and out of the x-ray inspection machine. X-ray inspection systems avoid as much physical contact with the product as possible.

    My product is lightweight, I am worried the x-ray curtains will push it off the conveyor?

    METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray have a number of solutions based on the product they are inspecting. There are some very lightweight products that could be affected by the curtains disturbing them, however we have a lot of experience and knowledge in these applications and have x-ray solutions for lightweight packets so the presentation is not compromised when travelling through an x-ray system. 

      Are x-ray systems expensive to service?

      Service contracts should form part of any x-ray system purchase. Regular servicing of an x-ray system, including performance verification, will ensure it is operating at the optimum level of performance. This will prevent food safety issues. Preventative maintenance enables manufacturers to avoid downtime issues due to unexpected maintenance work.

      All METTLER TOLEDO X3000 x-ray system generators come with a five-year warranty when a service contract is purchased. By protecting the most valuable part of the x-ray machine, manufacturers can have confidence that production uptime is maximized.

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