Industrial Metal Detector Conveyor Systems
Metal Detector Conveyor Systems

Metal Detector Conveyor Systems

Standard and bespoke conveyors for industrial food processing and non-food applications

Metal Detector Conveyor
Conveyor belt metal detectors
Metal Detector Conveyor Systems
Metal Detector Conveyor Systems




Metal detector conveyor systems documentation

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このホワイトペーパーは、2つの競合するテクノロジーを簡単に説明します。 そうすることにより、食品と医薬品の製造会社が適切な検出ソリューションを選択する上で支援しています。
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How does a metal detector conveyor system work?

A conveyor is integrated with a tunnel metal detector to allow the product to pass through the aperture of the metal detector and be inspected for contaminated metal. An automatic reject device is frequently fitted to the transport system in order to remove any contaminated product from the production line. There are many different reject mechanisms available including:

  • air blasts,
  • push arms, and
  • lift/drop flaps.

The type of the reject mechanism installed will depend on the product being inspected.

How do I choose the right metal detector conveyor system?

The design of both a metal detector conveyor and the reject mechanism has a major impact on the effectiveness of the overall metal detection program.

A wide range of standard and bespoke metal detector conveyor systems are available: each system is tailored to suit specific production needs, from light  to heavy food processing and non-food applications. With Safeline, customers can choose from compact solutions for small spaces with the  Series 30 conveyor, right through to the Series 200 conveyor which is designed for bulk product inspection

What equipment comes with an industrial metal detector conveyor?

In addition to the different reject mechanisms available, other important equipment may include:

  • Lockable container to collect and hold rejected product
  • Full-length cover between detector and reject mechanism
  • Fail safe alarm to alert metal detector faults   

There are a number of additional optional fail-safe systems to raise level the of due diligence for manufacturers.

Which environments are metal detector conveyor systems suitable for?

Our metal detector conveyor systems are suitable for almost any environment: dry and packaged products, and even wet, chilled and frozen products in extreme environments.

When the working environment gets tough, inspection systems need to be specified to equally high standards. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's metal detector conveyor systems can be configured with heavy-duty stainless steel detectors rated at IP69K, integrated with rugged, heavy-duty conveyor frames sealed up to IP65 standard.

Why buy an integrated metal detection solution from a single supplier?

Careful consideration needs to be taken into account when designing a conveyorized metal detection system, particularly around static build up on the conveyor frame. This can interfere with the metal detector and create false rejects. A solid system design eliminates static build up, allowing the detector to run at optimum sensitivity, without false rejects.

Purchasing an integrated metal detection solution from METTLER TOLEDO ensures you maximize your equipment performance by having a seamlessly integrated metal detection solution across your production line, without compromising on sensitivity.

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