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      ASN 6000 Conveyor Metal Detection Systems

      Compact conveyorised metal detection systems for production line integration


      Easy To Operate

      Operation of the metal detector is simple; the Signature software platform provides access through a robust, menu-driven membrane key panel. An ...

      Operation of the metal detector is simple; the Signature software platform provides access through a robust, menu-driven membrane key panel. An intuitive, multiple-language interface maximises operator efficiency and minimises training requirements. The operating system provides rapid auto set-up, product changeover and in-built performance verification routines for reduced production downtime.

      Choosing The Right System

      ASN 6000 is available in a broad range of variants, with a comprehensive selection of optional upgrades. This means there is a solution available to suit most in-process and end-of-line food inspection applications.

      Stainless steel detectors are suitable for harsh working environments - and sealing to IP66 standard means these systems are suited to heavy wash-down conditions, fulfilling the most challenging HACCP requirements. In less demanding, dry applications, detectors with a painted finish and a sealing standard of IP44 can be used.

      Dual-frequency operation is standard in all search heads, enabling widely differing products to be inspected in a diverse selection of packaging materials. This means that all dry and wet products with large product-effect signals, as well as those packed in metallised films, can be accommodated.

      Available in two standard lengths, Series 800 and 1200 systems are designed for use in a wide range of processing and packing line applications. Systems are suited for integration into production lines or stand-alone applications, providing assistance with increasing productivity, reducing overall costs and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements.

      Series 800 systems include a variable-pass height facility for enhanced sensitivity performance in certain 'wet product' or 'product-effect' applications.

      Series 1200 systems can be used in stand-alone applications where manual loading or off-loading is required. They can also be integrated into existing automated production lines.

      Automatic Reject Options

      Automatic reject devices are available to suit most product inspection applications. These systems provide fast and efficient removal of contaminated product without the need to stop the production line, providing enhanced levels of contaminated product control.

      Additional Options For A Customised Solution

      Additional options are available, enabling systems to be configured to suit your specific needs. These options provide elevated levels of operator safety, improved reject control and efficient product transfer through the system.


      The comprehensive range of ASN 6000 systems provide a flexible, fully integrated choice of metal detection solutions for small to medium sized inspection applications.

      Particularly suited to high-quality food production environments, the product range provides a versatile, space-saving solution for the in-process and end-of-line inspection of a wide variety of foodstuffs.

      The ASN 6000 range delivers the benefits of improved operational efficiency, increased competitiveness and the lowest overall cost of ownership, for maximised profitability. The highest detection sensitivity, combined with operational stability, provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your customers and your brand enjoy the best possible protection.

      Safeline Conveyor System Metal Detector
      Safeline Conveyor System Metal Detector


      ASN 6000 metal detector systems documentation

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