Combination Systems - C-Series Checkweighers
Combination Systems

Combination Systems

A Single Operation for Complete Quality Control


C-Series Combination Systems

For Compliance and Brand Protection
Combination systems allow you to quickly and precisely determine weight, whilst ejecting undesire...

For Compliance and Brand Protection
Combination systems allow you to quickly and precisely determine weight, whilst ejecting undesired contaminants or visually check the product label quality or integraty - all in a single operation. The productivity of your whole production is thus increased.

Checkweighing and Metal Detection

Our advanced, proven multi-frequency systems guarantee reliable metal detection – even when processing difficult products - plus the precision-performing checkweigher also ensures full compliance with regulations and legal requirements. Your consumers can thus be sure of receiving contamination-free products.

Checkweighing and X-ray Inspection
Shards of glass, pieces of plastic and bone fragments are 'invisible' to metal detectors. However, they can be detected by the X-ray CombiWeigher, thanks to its comprehensive X-ray inspection system. Various X-ray systems are available catering to every application - and even glass shards can be reliably detected in glass containers.

Checkweighing and Visual Inspection
Manufacturers in highly regulated industries investigating ways to reduce the possibility of label mix-up is a critical and constant task. Systems that combine checkweighing and visual identification offer accurate inspection of product labels as well as reliable weight check in a single process. The system helps manufacturers minimize any product rework, retrieval and recovery, and ensures expensive product giveaway while complying with labelling guidelines and Weights and Measures legislation.

Protection of consumers and brand reputation
Central operation of the checkweighing combination system takes place on the same screen – making product changeovers, production statistics faster than ever before. Images from contamination detection, which can be saved for viewing at a later date, ensure reliable documentation of your production processes. Full compliance with legal requirements and regulations such as FDA, IFS, BRC standards ensure your consumers can thus be sure of receiving contamination-free products.

Compact Equipment Design Saves Space
The compact design of combination systems save valuable floor space in your production line. Combination systems are ideal for use in the highly regulated industries such as food, cosmetics and household chemicals and in many other applications - the combination units perform both true-weight measurement and combine the world's best in metal detection, x-ray and visual inspection technology.

Ready for Industry 4.0
From simple interface to complete turn-key solution. The most comprehensive communications available: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232/422, Fieldbus interfaces (Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus DP), OPC Server (UA/DA), Freeweigh.Net connections and ProdX.

Global Service Support

An extensive global service network fully supports cross-border contracts and ensures not only timely support, but also the availability and quick delivery of spare parts to reduce downtime and keep processes running smoothly.

Combination Systems
Combination Systems
Combination Systems
Combination Systems
Combination Systems
Combination Systems


Dependable In Motion Checkweighing Systems



Datasheets for more information on C31 StandardLine

Product Inspection Guide



ProdX Data Management Software
ProdX allows you to connect and control your entire product inspection management process from a single point or from multiple remote locations, elimi...



シリアル化 - 準備はできましたか?
偽造医薬品の世界的な脅威がしだいに広がっています。 生産にシリアル化ソリューションを結びつけることで、医薬品を確実に探知し追跡する方法をすぐに学んでください。 消費者、製品品質、ブランド価値を守ってください。
最適の状態に調整された充填プロセス– PDFの無料ダウンロード


物流、倉庫業、ドライフルーツと野菜の包装の契約を専門にするフランスの会社、Calabas Industrieは2010年に設立されました。 それ以来、大切なお客様の信頼を獲得しています。 会社は信頼性、衛生、安全なプロセスと製品を約束しているだけでなく、品質も提供することを忘れていません。 顧客と消...
Jägermeister trusts in dynamic weighing technology from METTLER TOLEDO Garvens
The cult drink Jägermeister is the very traditional brand of the Mast AG, world wide renowned for its instant association with two sympathetic stags...
Maximum Quality Control
Cinfa relies on product inspection equipment from METTLER TOLEDO with 11 checkweighers and latest metal detection technology.
Orthomol Sets New Quality Standards With Checkweighing Technology
Orthomol installed the new two-lane C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher which has provided them with stable, reliable weighing results.


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