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Measurements in liquids

The Fluid Bath option allows you to perform DMA or TMA experiments in liquids using all the standard deformation modes. The entire sample holder and sample is immersed in the liquid. The Fluid Bath option consists of a special immersion bath and external temperature control using a circulating heating bath or chiller. The Fluid Bath can be operated between -20 and 200 °C sample temperature.


Polyamide thread in water

The mechanical properties of materials can change drastically in contact with liquids. Polymers become hard and brittle in some liquids whereas other liquids act as plasticizers. The DMA 1 allows the mechanical behavior of a sample to be measured while it is fully immersed in a liquid. The example shows measurements of a polyamide thread in water at 20 °C and at 40 °C. The glass transition temperature decreases due to the absorption of water. The modulus curves show that the softening process occurs more quickly at 40 °C than at 20 °C.




Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is an important technique used to measure the mechanical and viscoelastic properties of materials such as thermopla...
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