88570001041 STRIP PRINTER - 概要 - メトラー・トレド

88570001041 STRIP PRINTER

Compact, Fast, and Reliable. A Powerful Printer in a Compact Design

Print Security

Because it is an impact printer, the printed results will not fade over time like a thermal printer. Your important results are safe for later reference.

Simple to use

Drop-in auto-paper loading and few moving parts make this a durable and easy-to-use printer


Long-Life, 9-pin printhead

仕様 - 88570001041 STRIP PRINTER
Type d''imprimante Matrice de points à impact
Largeur d''impression 76 mm
Vitesse d''impression 4,7 lignes par seconde
Communication Interface série RS232 DB25f, 4 800 ou 9 600 baud
Type de support Stock continu; Rouleau
Largeur de support 76 mm
Dimensions (PxHxL) 250 mm x 133 mm x 160 mm
品番 64032647



88570001041 STRIP PRINTER



88570001041 STRIP PRINTER


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