Success Story: Modelling with CO₂ Measurement Alllows Faster Scale-up of Fermentation Processes - メトラー・トレド

Success Story: Modelling with CO₂ Measurement Alllows Faster Scale-up of Fermentation Processes

Reliable and stable measurements with the CO₂ sensor InPro5000.
The InPro 5000 sensor from METTLER TOLEDO enables precise and reliable inline measurement of dissolved CO₂ throughout an entire cultivation period at variable gas transfer from liquid to gas phase.
Kluyver Center, Delft, Netherlands
The Kluyver Center for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation in Delft, Holland, is a consortium of several different Universities and Research Centres. The center works closely together with Elscolab, a company which has represented METTLER TOLEDO Ingold in the Benelux countries in the field of process analytical measurement systems for more than 20 years.

Microbial genomics
The Kluyver Center applies microbial genomics to improve the performance of microorganisms in industrial  fermentation processes. Fermentation is used in the production of renewable feedstocks for food products and ingredients, beverages, pharmaceutical compounds, nutraceuticals, through to fine and bulk chemicals.....

Scope of possible application
In connection with research programs covering yeast fermentation, fungal fermentation, lactic acid fermentation, bio catalysis and genomic tools including bioinformatics, the center is always on the lookout for the latest developments in inline measurement technology. In this regard, Martin Hoogedoorn, Product Specialist at Elscolab Nederland B.V., introduced METTLER TOLEDO's new CO₂ measuring system to Sjaak Lispet, head of instrumentation at the center……
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