ReactIR Onsite Training - メトラー・トレド
セミナー トレーニング

ReactIR Onsite Training

セミナー トレーニング

For In Situ Reaction Analysis

Training and familiarization with ReactIR technology will ensure that all users can walk up to instruments and immediately bring value to process research and development activities.  A certified in situ FTIR spectroscopy expert will guide multiple users through classroom and hands-on laboratory training, in order to prepare scientists to obtain, analyze, and report high-quality information that supports their research.

Learn how ReactIR in situ chemical monitoring provides comprehensive information about reaction components and their rate of change, enabling understanding of the behavior of molecules under actual reaction conditions.  Learn about principles behind ReactIR technology and how to get the most from them.

Simple strategies will be presented to ensure scientists can consistently obtain the highest quality data from ReactIR reaction monitoring technology.  Attention will be paid to proper data collection to ensure that the system is performing optimally, including probe cleaning and characterization of reference materials.

By following simple steps, scientists can quickly understand how molecules behave under actual reaction conditions, and how process parameters influence key factors such as initiation, rate of change, and endpoint.  Data treatments to enhance understanding will be introduced, and vital tips to get the most from advanced software will be presented.

Multiple options for generating reports will be presented from simple cut-and-paste tools to full report generation.  The most appropriate report generation tools will be identified and reviewed.  Software tools make reporting simple, and integration with common presentation packages will be discussed.

Held at your location, available training courses include:

  • ReactIRUser Training
    • Mid-FTIR Spectroscopy Basics
    • ReactIR Method of Measurement
    • Acquiring High-Quality Reaction Data
    • Analyzing ReactIR Data Using Common Data Treatments
    • Using iC IR Software
    • Probe Cleaning and Care
    • Common Reaction Monitoring Questions
  • ReactIR Data Analysis Training
    • Review of Common Data Treatments
    • Introduction to Advanced Data Treatments
    • Integrating Offline Analytic Data
    • Advanced Find Trends Functionality
    • Creating Spectra Sets
    • Creating Trend Sets
    • Integrating Data from iControl, iC IR, iC FBRM and iC PVM Software
  • ReactIR Quantitative Analysis Workshop
    • Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis Using iC Quant
    • Calibration Model Design
    • Calibration Model Maintenance
    • Using iC Quant Diagnostics to Improve Calibration Models
    • Application Examples of Quantitative Analysis Using iC IR
    • Common Quantitative Analysis Questions

METTLER TOLEDO Global Technology and Application Consultants transfer their academic and industry experience to scientists who use ReactIR FTIR spectroscopy technology.  Comprehensive technology and applications training ensure scientists are prepared to obtain the highest possible return on investment from their instruments.

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