Sistemi di ispezione a raggi-X per alimenti in scatola |METTLER TOLEDO

    Sistemi di ispezione a raggi-X per alimenti in scatola

    Specifiche dei sistemi a raggi-X per gli alimenti in scatola

    Cancella tutto
    DescriptionDesigned for small, medium & large sized packaging for single and multi-lane applications at speeds up to 80m/min.
    DescriptionIdeal for the inspection of composite cans/cartons/tubes, plastic and metal containers using a single x-ray beam (20W).
    DescriptionSuitable for composite cans/cartons/tubes, plastic containers and doypacks using a single x-ray beam (100W / 400W).
    DescriptionA split-beam (100W / 400W) x-ray system designed to inspect metal, glass and ceramic containers.
    X37 Series X-ray Inspection Systems
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