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Precision Scales

Accurate and Exact Precision for Routine and Critical Scalable Practices

A precision scale is a type of weighing device that is capable of measuring minuscule sample amounts with high accuracy and is employed in scientific research and industries where precise measurements are critical. METTLER TOLEDO precision scales come in various dimensions, including benchtop, compact, and portable models, and can measure mass to within a fraction of a milligram.

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Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO's Precision Scales

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What is a precision digital scale?

A precision digital scale is an electronic weighing instrument in which the weight measurements are determined via digital/electronic methods. A precision digital scale has a digital display on which weight results are displayed in numbers. This is in contrast to an analog display in which the weight result is read from the position of a pointer in front of a scale. With a digital display, the result is unambiguous, whereas there will always be a degree of subjective reading error when reading the weighing result off an analog display. However, an analog display has the advantage that it is possible to determine weight values that are fractions of the divisions of the weight values. The smallest increment in the weight values on a digital display is known as the scale division, d.

Precision Digital Scale
Precision Digital Scale

What is the precision of a digital scale?

The precision of a digital scale is usually referred to as its readability. This is the smallest difference in weight that can be recorded on the balance and is known as the scale division, d. The smallest difference in weight that can be determined on a precision balance should not be confused with the smallest amount that can be weighed accurately on a precision balance. This is known as the minimum net sample weight.

What is a precision weighing scale?

A precision weighing scale is another name for a precision balance, sometimes also referred to as a precision scale, precision lab scale or top loading balance.