Webinar: In-Situ FTIR Spectroscopy to Study Reaction Kinetics

Using ReactIR to Efficiently Collect Kinetic Data for Formation and Consumption of an Unstable Intermediate

Panoramica del programma

  • Use of ReactIR for kinetic data collection
  • Fitting RRFs of non-isolable compounds using Reaction Lab
  • How Reaction Lab combined with accurate and efficient data collection can compensate for a weaker background in reaction kinetics

Eoghan Delany of APC Ltd. presents a detailed work-through on how online IR, offline HPLC, and Reaction Lab can be combined to follow the formation of an unstable intermediate and its subsequent forward reaction to a stable product.

Typically, collecting kinetic data revolves around HPLC. While HPLC has some advantages for most reactions, in-situ IR analysis with ReactIR is often overlooked in favor of more traditional HPLC methods. For fast reactions and/or non-isolable species, we review how ReactIR offers a more comprehensive means of kinetic data collection than traditional HPLC.

About the Presenter

Eoghan Delany

Eoghan Delany

Senior Process Development Chemistry, APC Ltd

2007-2011 BSc, Chemistry (Trinity College Dublin)
2011-2015 PhD, Chemistry (Trinity College Dublin)
2015-2017 Process Development Chemist (Almac Sciences, Northern Ireland)
2017-2019 Postdoctoral Research Fellow (La Trobe University, Melbourne)
2019-present Senior Process Development Scientist (APC Ltd, Dublin)