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COVID-19’s Impact on Laboratories

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Automated Laboratory Solutions Help Labs Meet Demands Generated by the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented shifts in the structure of laboratory environments around the world. To help assess trends in laboratory automation generated by these shifts, METTLER TOLEDO conducted a survey to analyze the short and long-term effects COVID-19 had on laboratories.

The survey found that more than 70% of businesses faced supply chain problems, supply shortages, and financial issues. To ensure future preparedness, labs are placing greater effort on developing connected lab environments.

As labs adapt to new digitalized technologies and connectivity options, they have the ability to opt for partially or fully automated lab processes. This often comes in the form of digitally integrated data systems and solutions that help to convert complex manual processes into error-free automated ones.

To support this changeover, METTLER TOLEDO offers instruments and technologies such as LabX™ software, the Excellence Automatic Balance, high-throughput pipetting systems, multiparameter analysis systems, and inline automated sampling. These solutions are proving to be instrumental for facilitating remote workflow management in times when special measures are required. They are also providing robust efficiency and error-reduction under normal operating conditions.

Learn more about the survey and solutions that can help you automate and digitalize your laboratory for pandemic preparedness, greater analytical accuracy, and enhanced day-to-day operating efficiency.

Covid-19 Impact on Lab


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