ASN 9000 Series 800 - Описание - METTLER TOLEDO

ASN 9000 Series 800

A compact metal detection solution with a short overall length of just 800 mm.

These systems are ideally suited for integration into existing automated production lines but can also be used for stand alone applications where space is limited.

With features common across all of the ASN 9000 Profile range these include but are not limited to

Multi Language InterfaceThe large, full colour touch screen interface with a Windows® style, icon driven menu provides easy operator access. Systems carry the capacity to display user interface screens in anyone of 8 languages including those using symbol characters.
Flexible ConnectivityAn intuitive, multiple language interface maximises operator efficiency and minimises training requirements. The operating system provides rapid auto set-up, product change-over and in-built performance verification routines for reduced production downtime.
Long Term ReliabilityReliable, efficient product transfer is achieved through the use of superior duty, maintenance free, AC motors and high quality rollers and sealed bearings. Robust frame and search head construction help to provide high performance even in the most demanding applications.
Auto-Tracking & Tensioning A simple, robust, automatic conveyor belt tensioning and tracking system maximises uptime. Once set, the system will automatically compensate for belt wear and lateral forces. The innovative design facilitates quick release of the tensioning roller to assist in rapid strip-down.
Maximum Protection Unrivalled detection capability is delivered through advanced digital signal processing and dual channel technology. This enables all metals to be detected including ferrous, non ferrous and even the most difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steels.


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ASN 9000 Series 800
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