Reasons for an X-ray Inspection Programme
Информационный документ

Reasons for an X-ray Inspection Programme

Информационный документ

How to enhance customer satisfaction, profitability and much more

How to Select Critical Control Points for X-ray Systems
How to Select Critical Control Points for X-ray Systems

This White Paper outlines 10 reasons why food and pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly relying on x-ray inspection technology. It discusses the rationale for purchasing an x-ray system and the justifications for implementation within a well-designed x-ray inspection program.

Although x-ray systems represent a significant capital investment, this White Paper explains how the expense is relatively small compared to the potential costs of product contamination. Manufacturers will discover how implementing a product inspection program which incorporates x-ray inspection can play a key role in protecting their brand reputation and helping them reach new markets. In addition, they'll also learn how x-ray inspection can assist with regulatory compliance and provide a due diligence defence in the event of a legal claim.The white paper focuses on how x-ray inspection systems can:

  • Detect and remove foreign bodies
  • Protect customer welfare and manufacturers' brand reputations
  • Help with certification, risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure product quality and consistency
  • Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Download this informative white paper to learn more.

The costs associated with implementing and maintaining an effective x-ray inspection program are significantly lower than the potential costs of failure. A contaminated product found before shipment will inevitably result in product and packaging waste, possible machinery damage and loss of output. Costs can easily be allocated to such events and can be particularly high when they result in loss of output, especially on high-volume, automated production lines. However, such costs are easily overshadowed by foreign bodies discovered after shipment which can result in loss of customer satisfaction, product recalls, adverse publicity and potential legal action.

Time and money spent reducing internal waste, loss of output and complaints inevitably yields a better return than money spent resolving problems retrospectively. A correctly implemented x-ray inspection program will undoubtedly lead to reduced failure costs and improved customer satisfaction, resulting in better profitability and protection of the manufacturer’s brand.

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