Success Story: Higher Process Safety due to Unbreakable ISFET pH Electrode InPro3300 - METTLER TOLEDO

Success Story: Higher Process Safety due to Unbreakable ISFET pH Electrode InPro3300

The greatest benefit for the customer is the assured process safety, without breakage of glass.
The pH value of sugar juice during refining has to be monitored at each process stage to obtain highest quality relative to size and regularity crystals. To realize high process and product safety, the glass-free ISFET sensor was installed.
Background information
Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane. Brazil produces some 300 Million metric tons of  sugarcane annually, of which roughly 55 % is turned into alcohol and 45 % into sugar. The residue, bagasse, is burnt to produce electric energy. The alcohol portion is mainly intended for use as vehicle fuel, either pure or mixed with gasoline. Export of these commodities continues to grow, particularly in the case of alcohol (ethanol).

Our customer
Our large customer is the leading refined sugar vendor in the Brazilian national market for 90 years. Total turnover in 2005 amounted to approx US$ 1,2 billion. Annual output reaches 700’000 tons, of which about 15 % are exported.

After raw crystal sugar has been produced through a standard process, further process stages are involved in the preparation of refined sugar:
  • Crystal sugar dissolution and purification. This is the first process stage consisting of dissolving crystal sugar in water. The resulting juice solution then undergoes a further purification stage.
  • Evaporation and solidification. This juice is heated up to a given point and then moved to mixers to turn it into a warm wet sugar mass. Crystals are shapeless at this stage.
  • Drying and cooling. The wet mass is passed to dryers and exposed to hot and cold air spraying in order to create crystals.
  • Screening. In this final stage, agglomerates are screened out to ensure high crystal uniformity.....
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