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Single and dual interval stand-alone checkout scales

The Ariva-S delivers what you want – complete accuracy along with reliable and durable performance. This scale connects to most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications, and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data.

Available as a countertop model or with the option to build into the counter, the Ariva-S has a robust cast aluminum housing and stainless steel platter, enabling it to meet even the toughest requirements of day-to-day operation at the cash register. The Ariva-S dual interval scale is the ideal solution for retailers who require both a high capacity, up to 30 lb (15 kg), and a fine weight resolution for light goods.

Especificações - Ariva-S
Description Stand-alone single and dual-interval checkout scale
Capacidade Máxima 15 lb / 30 lb
Min. Capacity 1.4 oz
Resolução 0.07 oz / 0.2 oz
Interfaces RS-232 (standard) or an optional USB 2.0 cable* for connecting to POS system or cash register.
Faixa de temperatura 14°F - 104°F (-10°C - +40°C), 0-85% humidity, non-condensing.
Display Bright, backlit display with energy-saving function, 5-digit weight display, keys for taring and zeroing, optional dual display configurations
Benefits Ideal for environments where high-resolution weight is required, such as bulk goods and frozen yogurt

Features and Benefits

Fast Weighing Processes
Ariva checkout scales provide fast weighing and exceptional transaction speed to reduce customer wait times. This is critical around the cash register, improving customer service, and increasing efficiency for sales personnel.


Robust Design
Your business depends on checkout scales being ready for use at all times. The Ariva’s robust design provides protection against dirt and liquids for many years of dependable performance.


The Ariva-S checkout scales are available in pound (lb), kilogram (kg) or ounce (oz), with various capacities, and your choice of single or dual intervals. These scales come with a standard RS-232 connection or with an optional USB 2.0 communication cable.


Sustainable and Economical
Ariva-S Checkout scales are very conservative when it comes to power consumption. Along with proven longevity, more efficient power supplies and recyclable packaging, Ariva scales are a great business
decision with minimal impact on the environment.



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