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InPro 7000-VP Conductivity Sensor

For accurate measurements of water purity.

The 2-electrode sensor InPro 7000-VP is extremely accurate and can be used in pure and ultrapure water applications. The wide measuring range allows this cell to be used in all applications with conductivity ranging from ultrapure water up to diluted salt solutions. METTLER TOLEDO 2-electrode sensors for the chemical industry are extremely accurate due to the factory determined and NIST/ASTM-traceable cell constant.

Especificações - InPro 7000-VP Conductivity Sensor
Fator de Célua 0.1 1/cm (nominal)
Meas. Range / Transmitter 0.02-10000 µS/cm
Faixa de temperatura -10...100 °C (14...212 °F)
Pressão máxima (bar) 34 bar (25 °C), 7 bar (95 °C)
Pressão máxima (psi) 500 psi (77 °F), 100 psi (203 °F)
Design Titanium
Material da sensor PVDF
O-rings, isolamento Viton® (FDA), PEEK (FDA)
Precisão ±1.0 %
Precisão da temperatura ±0.25 °C at 25 °C
Sensor de temperatura Pt1000
Indústria/Aplicação Pure and ultrapure water
VITON is a registered trademark of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation
The sensor can easily be installed in a customer supplied pipe-tee via the 3/4" NPT thread. The electrodes made of titanium allow to use this sensor in virtually all applications with conductivity values up to max. of 10 mS/cm.
Features and Benefits
Wide measuring range
  • WideRangeTM technology enables an almost universal use of this sensor starting from ultrapure water to drinking water and salt solutions. This allows standardization of your plant with one sensor type - cost savings and simple spare parts management included.
Increased process reliability
  • The IP68 rated VarioPin connector system ensures excellent signal transmission and avoids problems associated with humidity. This also saves money compared to fixed cable installations and makes handling much more comfortable.
Easy to install
  • Just screw the sensor into a pipe-tee via the 3/4" NPT thread.


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Especificação técnica

Technical Data Conductivity Sensors InPro7000-VP & InPro7100-VP Series
New sensors with VP connector for very low to medium/high conductivity.


Receba um Orçamento
InPro 7000-VP Conductivity Sensor
USP Class VI
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