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Webinar Sob Demanda

Bottling & Filling of Substances for Commercial Use and Internal Reference

Webinar Sob Demanda
In the current global climate, all companies and industries are looking for ways to increase their productivity and reduce their costs. For manufacturers and distributors of fine chemicals, reference materials and standards and particularly those who are concerned with bottling, filling and repackaging of small quantities of chemicals (e.g. 1mg -250mg), there is an automated powder dosing solution that will revolutionise your processes.
  • Are you still manually dispensing small quantities of reagents, intermediates, reference materials, analytical standards, catalysts, enzymes or other chemical materials?
  • Do you want to speed up this process of weighing a substance into multiple smaller bottles?
  • Do you want to reduce wastage/spillage of these compounds?
  • Do you want the confidence of knowing you are supplying the correct amount of material without having to overfill to be sure?

During this 30 minute webinar we will describe how implementing automated powder dosing into your workflow can bring massive gains in speed, safety and savings and cover the following topics:
  • Challenges faced in filling/bottling applications
  • Current regulations 
  • Automated solutions for fast and accurate dosing of 1mg - 250mg
  • How do you know that YOUR powder can be dosed accurately?
  • How can you be confident that the correct amount has been dosed?
  • Benefits in productivity and safety and cost

These topics will be supported by data and examples from biochemical companies, suppliers of analytical standards and reference materials, and healthcare companies, who have already implemented the Quantos technology and are now reaping the benefits.

Hannah Stephens, Head Marketing and Business Development Quantos, METTLER TOLEDO

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