Safe and Cost-Effective Capsule Filling for Pre-Clinical and First-In-Man Studies - METTLER TOLEDO
Webinar Sob Demanda

Safe and Cost-Effective Capsule Filling for Pre-Clinical and First-In-Man Studies

Webinar Sob Demanda
Capsule filling Dosing Quantos
Capsule filling Dosing Quantos
Safety and cost benefits of using Quantos for semi-automated capsule filling to prepare early-phase clinical materials are presented by CoreRx Inc.
50 minutes

Filling capsules is a common activity in pre-clinical and first-in-man studies, but the method used typically depends on the throughput required and available resources.
This webinar describes a solution that neatly fills the gap between manual filling methods and costly high-throughput systems. Quantos has proved to be up to five times faster than manual dosing, but a fraction of the cost and size of automated filling machines. Dosing data for size 0 capsules is presented by CoreRx Inc., including fill weight, reject rate, precision, and content uniformity. Cost benefits of Quantos implementation are presented: reduced labor rate and development time; and ease of cleaning. Safety of laboratory personnel and containment is also discussed. Further case studies involving filling size 12, 2 and 3 capsules for pre-clinical and clinical applications are also presented.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Find a cost-effective solution for filling capsules in small-batches (10's – 1000's)
  2. Discover a solution for filling individual weights of API in capsule or dosing API/excipient blends without segregation
  3. Understand how to optimize process safety with an integrated capsule filling workflow

This webinar will be of interest to:

  • Scientists, managers, directors and group leaders involved in:
    • Pre-clinical and early phase clinical trials
    • Formulation
    • Dispensary
    • Inhalation drug development
  • Anybody who is involved in filling small batches of capsules
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