Tong Garden use X-ray Inspection for Their Packaged Nuts Applications
Estudo de Caso

X-ray Inspection of Packaged Nuts

Estudo de Caso

Safe Product Provides High Levels of Satisfaction and Company Growth

Tong Garden is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular nut product and snacks suppliers. To ensure that they remain in this position, product quality and consumer safety are at front-of-mind. This prompted an investment in an X35 x-ray inspection system.

Tong Garden began its journey in Singapore over five decades ago and focused on the processing of one type of peanut. Since then, the company has expanded to multiple manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Malaysia and has expanded their product range to meet constantly changing consumer tastes.

This case study explores Tong Garden’s manufacturing process and details how the X35 x-ray inspection system assists them with achieving their goals of continued levels of outstanding product quality and further expansion into new markets within the region.

Tong Garden Ensures Product Safety with X-ray Inspection of Packaged Nuts

The Perfect Solution

A single X35 x-ray machine for multi-lane inspection was an ideal solution for Tong Garden. Products from two packaging lines can be conveyed through the single x-ray machine simultaneously by being separated into two inspection lanes. The machine can also inspect and reject contaminated products from the production line. The contaminated products then fall into the reject bin below the inspection line, this process has been designed with safety systems allowing only authorized personnel such as Quality Assurance (QA) to be able to handle rejected products and conduct a more detailed examination.

*Note: The X35 model is only available in Asia, for the rest of the world see the X36.

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