M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter

M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter

ISM Solution for Benchtop Biocontrollers

The M80 Sensor Mount (SM) transmitter is a compact, single channel, multi-parameter transmitter designed especially for benchtop biocontroller manufacturers who want to take advantage of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) features on SCADA systems.

Compact Size for Benchtop Bioreactors
The small footprint of the M80 SM allows mounting on ISM sensors used in bioreactors with a typical volume of 1-20 liters.

Easy Integration of Sensor Data
A Modbus RTU interface enables direct integration of sensor measurement data, diagnostics and calibration routines into the biocontroller.

Transparent Sensor Health Information
Visualization of ISM features on your controller's graphical user interface increases transparency of sensor models and health status.

M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter
Spécifications - M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter
Analogique ou ISM ISM
Paramètres de mesure pH, CO₂, DO, Conductivity
Power Supply 24 VDC (min. 100mA), 8-30 VDC (min. 2W)
Operating temperature range (imp) 5 to 140° F
Operating temperature range (metric) -15 to 60° C
Relative Humidity 5 - 95% rH (non-condensing)
Montage AK9 connector on head of 1-wire sensor
Raccord de câble M12/5-pin for RS485 interface and power supply
Communication Modbus RTU Protocol
Configuration Via M80 SM Transmitter Configuration Tool PC software and transmitter configuration box
Sensor Dimensions (imp) Height: 3.7" </br>Diameter: 0.87"
Sensor Dimensions (metric) Height: 94 mm </br>Diameter: 22 mm
Classification IP65
Classification des zones dangereuses No hazardous area certification

Features and Benefits

Robust Process Control
Processes run more reliably when digital sensors are integrated into control loops. The M80 SM allows you to access the predictive diagnostics and easy set-up features of ISM sensors on your biocontroller for more robust cell culture and fermentation runs.
Robust Process Control
Scalable ISM Solution for R&D
The small footprint of the M80 SM transmitter enables its use on benchtop bioreactors. This allows you to employ the advantages of ISM sensors that are often used in production, in your R&D and in down-scaling applications as well.
Predictive maintenance
Reduce Configuration Efforts
The need for sensor configuration is eliminated when a digital analytical sensor is replaced by a new one. The M80 SM stores installation point specific data such as Modbus address and baud rate, reducing time and effort during sensor replacement.
Reduce Configuration Efforts
Environmentally Friendly
pH sensors must be disposed of on a regular basis. Compared to pH sensors with a built-in transmitter, the M80 SM helps to reduce electronic waste by up to 60%. The detachable, reusable M80 ensures you are not throwing out a transmitter with each sensor.
Environmentally Friendly


Datasheets & Brochures


M80 EMC (pdf - 926 KB)
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M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter


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M80 Sensor Mount Transmitter
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