La contribución de METTLER TOLEDO a un laboratorio ajustado - METTLER TOLEDO
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La contribución de METTLER TOLEDO a un laboratorio ajustado

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Lean Laboratory
Lean Laboratory

En este curso on-line se explican las analogías entre la producción y el laboratorio ajustado, y se sugieren aspectos de nuestros instrumentos que pueden ayudarle a transformar su laboratorio en un laboratorio ajustado.

Si asiste a este curso on-line, podrá obtener algunas ideas acerca de cómo puede usar los aspectos técnicos del equipo y los flujos de trabajo de su laboratorio para optimizar los procesos de acuerdo con el concepto de ajuste.

25 min
Thu Dec 12 2019 09:00 +0100 [ English ]
Thu Dec 12 2019 17:00 +0100 [ English ]

Join us for our webinar ‘METTLER TOLEDOS Contribution to Lean Laboratory’

The success stories, especially the productivity gain of “Lean Manufacturing” generated a wish to transfer this concept to other areas of business. The responsible lab managers and coordinators are asked to convert their laboratory into a lean lab. As there is no common standard for ‘Lean Lab’ you might need some ideas which aspects would help you.

This webinar explains the analogies of lean manufacturing with lean lab and suggests aspects of our products that help you to convert your lab into a lean lab.

  • Principles of the ‘Lean’ Idea
  • Analogies between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Lab
  • Which Degree of  Automation is Helpful
  • Reduce wastes in the Lab and Increase Efficiency


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