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Manage Inventory Remotely with Smart Weighing

Manage Inventory Remotely with Smart Weighing
Manage Inventory Remotely with Smart Weighing

When managing inventory, problems such as supply shortages and material loss can cost time and induce frustration. However, the right inventory solution can have the opposite effect, speeding up processes and minimizing loss. It is easier than you think to get on top of your inventory issues for a more convenient and efficient process.

With smart weighing solutions, weighing components can be tailored to any application to simplify and improve inventory management.

Smart shelves and weighing pads

METTLER TOLEDO offers two weighing solutions for remote inventory. Smart shelves fit into standard racking systems, such as BITO or SSI Schaeffer, and consist of a shelf, integrated scales and an A/D board.

There also are weighing pads, which are not integrated in a prefabricated shelf, but can be built into an existing racking system. Weighing pads are especially well-suited for shelves in which not every container has to be monitored.

Easy integration and remote access

By using standard network cables, the units can be easily integrated and then con­nected to an existing network. This connection allows remote access to inventory levels and increases the efficiency and convenience of the working process. Walking back and forth to check the inventory becomes unnecessary. It also helps you never run out of supply, thanks to the remote monitoring of stock. This feature enables trend analysis and optimization of the entire supply chain conveniently from a computer. The connection of the weighing sensor to a computer allows automatic replenishments and boosts productivity at the same time.

In the warehouse, weighing sensors can be integrated into the shelves and digitally communicate weight to the computer. Then, the quantity in every bin can then be checked remotely anytime. Further vending machines with integrated weighing components are a solution for MRO or PPE materials that cannot be dispensed or controlled in traditional ways. Vending machines allow full accountability and protect your valuable assets from excessive use and theft.




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