New Compact 10S Line - METTLER TOLEDO

Today's lean laboratories focus on increasing efficiency while minimizing excessive use of bench space. Thanks to the One Click® concept, you are able to conduct all your basic titration analyses with a single touch by simply adding specific shortcuts to the home screen. METTLER TOLEDO Potentiometric Compact Titrators are specially designed for routine applications and simple operation.

The intelligent helper for simple titrations
The large color touch screen with the One Click® user interface is easy to understand, and you will be able to familiarize yourself with the instrument in no time at all. Each user has their own home screen with customized language selection and shortcut keys, which enable routine procedures to be executed with just one push of a button.

With the automatic Rondolino titration stand, series of up to 9 samples are processed quickly and safely. Minimal carryover is ensured by means of dip-rinsing after each analysis. More than 20 tried-and-tested methods from diverse application areas are available as METTLER TOLEDO methods; these can be used directly or are easily edited for optimal integration into your existing processes.

Automated data management for trusted results
The titrator offers a broad range of data storage options including the export of CSV, PDF or XML files. Furthermore, devices such as printers or memory sticks can be connected via the USB port and are automatically recognized. Fast installation is ensured with Plug&Play, automatically detecting the sensor and the titrant. All applicable data are saved on the burette and sensor chip and are directly transferred to the titrator, where they can be saved and monitored. Safe titration couldn't get any simple!

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