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Simple Moisture Determination in Plastic Processing

The quick and easy control of moisture content in plastic granulates is important for correct molding processes. The HR83 Moisture Analyzer contains methods for the direct measurement of most plastics on the factory floor. This moisture analyzer is simply operated by only four buttons and the integrated printer documents all relevant information automatically.
Quality control of plastic components often means the moisture content must be rigorously controlled. Production personnel, therefore, need an instrument to minimize workload. Injection molders are frequently choosing the HR83 Moisture Analyzer , as it is fast, easy to use, proven in production and monitors the moisture content efficiently .

Easy operation
The brilliant display, clear operating procedures and graphical user guidance ensure error-free measurements. The user only needs to use 4 buttons to operate the HR83 and all relevant information and results are documented automatically by the integrated printer.

Accurate results
With a resolution of 10ppm and state-of-the-art measurement technology, the HR83 ensures reliable analyses of all plastic types even of those with very low moisture content. Thanks to the infrared drying technology, plastic samples are heated rapidly and homogenously ensuring fast and highly reproducible results.

Fast method development
When using a Moisture Analyzer , the results must correspond to those achieved when using the reference method, Karl Fischer (KF) Titration. Developing the correct method on the Moisture Analyzer can require several test measurements to discover the right parameters. To reduce development time, the HR83 contains methods for approximately 20 plastic types which have been extensively tested and are cross-validated to KF Titration. The user can simply choose the method closest to the sample from the library and adapt the method to specific requirements. This process saves valuable development time and ensures compliant results.

The HR83 provides a fast and uncomplicated procedure for moisture determination with accurate and reliable measurement performance. The HR83 is very easy to use, no chemicals or specialized lab personnel are required and results match those obtained by KF Titration. All in all, the HB83 Moisture Analyzer is the ideal instrument for simple and accurate moisture content determination on the factory floor.

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