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E4 Electronic Pipette, LTS E4-100XLS+

The Future of Pipetting-Now. E4™ XLS+ electronic single-channel pipette, 10-100 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Simple operation, advanced modes. Password-protection, autoclavable liquid end (E4-100XLS+)

Unsurpassed Functionality

Intuitive operation with joystick graphical navigation. Multiple modes for any pipetting needs. Save favorite protocols to reduce workflow and errors.

Highest standards, peace of mind

State of the art design for supreme accuracy and precision with low cost of ownership. RFID tag aids GLP/GMP compliance via advanced asset management.

Complete compliance and configurability

Password protection of settings, protocols and service alarms for SOP adherence and GLP/GMP compliance. Tailor the pipette configuration for any task.

Performance Champion

Master your application with Rainin’s E4 XLS+ single channel pipettes. With its advanced features and revolutionary new approach to navigation, the E4 XLS+ raises the bar on pipetting control and simplicity. The E4’s sophisticated modes and options are extremely intuitive and easy to access, allowing you to master many lab applications with one pipette.

Specifications - E4 Electronic Pipette, LTS E4-100XLS+
Volume Range 10 µL – 100 µL
Increment (electric) 0.1 µL
Accuracy ± 10 µL : 3.5 % / 0.35 µL ; 50 µL : 0.8 % / 0.4 µL ; 100 µL : 0.8 % / 0.8 µL
Precision ± 10 µL : 1 % / 0.1 µL ; 50 µL : 0.24 % / 0.12 µL ; 100 µL : 0.15 % / 0.15 µL
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Channels 1
Maximum Volume 100 µL
Material Number(s) 17014483


Pipetting Accessories

Adapter for Hang-Ups and Carousel Stand
Three self-adhesive disks for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.
Built-in magnets for fast mounting on metal surfaces.
Rainin Carousel Stand
E4 XLS+ Wall Power Supply
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E4 Electronic Pipette, LTS E4-100XLS+


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