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E4 Adjustable Spacer LTS EA8-50XLS

The Future of Pipetting-Now. E4™ XLS adjustable spacer 8-channel pipette, 5-50 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Nozzle spacing 9-14 mm. Simple operation, advanced modes. Password protection (EA8-50XLS)

Accelerate your workflow


Different Formats? Not a Problem!

For high throughput work involving multiple formats,nothing beats Rainin’s E4™ XLS+™ Adjustable Spacer multichannel pipette for speed and flexibility. The E4 is easily configured to be as simple or elaborate as your work requires. Its large color screen, joystick control and graphic interface make moving between functions and operating the pipette easy and effortless. Not only is every E4 function highly customizable, multiple protocols can be stored on board for later use.

Specifications - E4 Adjustable Spacer LTS EA8-50XLS
Volume Range 5 µL – 50 µL
Increment (electric) 0.05 µL
Accuracy ± 5 µL : 3.5 % / 0.18 µL ; 25 µL : 1.2 % / 0.3 µL ; 50 µL : 0.8 % / 0.4 µL
Precision ± 5 µL : 1.5 % / 0.075 µL ; 25 µL : 0.4 % / 0.1 µL ; 50 µL : 0.3 % / 0.15 µL
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Channels 8
Maximum Volume 50 µL
Material Number(s) 17012329


Pipetting Accessories

Adapter for Hang-Ups and Carousel Stand
Three self-adhesive disks for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.
Built-in magnets for fast mounting on metal surfaces.
Rainin Carousel Stand
E4 XLS+ Wall Power Supply
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E4 Adjustable Spacer LTS EA8-50XLS
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