Selecting the Right Upgrade Path

If your Safeline metal detector has round buttons (V3 electronics), you can upgrade to a V4 - Touch LS platform.

If your Safeline metal detector has square buttons, then you have either a V1 or a V2 platform. A V2 metal detector can be upgraded to a V3 platform; V1 metal detectors can only be replaced. Pressing the square ‘recall’ key on the key panel will confirm which software version you have.


Upgrade from V3 to V4

Upgrade from a Version 3 to a Version 4 and receive a system that is designed for today’s challenges, without having to pay for a full replacement.

Manufacturers with existing METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detectors with V3 electronics are now able to benefit from the V4 Touch LS upgrade path for enhanced performance. The new software platform provides improved levels of security, improved operational performance and increased compliance with the demands of food safety standards.

The upgrade is carried out in-situ and Installation is quick and simple resulting in negligible downtime. The new software platform provides improved levels of security, improved operational performance and increased compliance with the demands of food safety standards.

Rapid, Easy Installation

Your existing Signature metal detector can be upgraded without impacting on your production process. The installation typically takes less than 2 hours and can be scheduled to take place during planned production downtime.

The Touch LS Upgrade Pack Includes:

  • Replacement full colour touch screen user interface
  • Power supply upgrade
  • Additional Condition Monitoring feature (conveyorised systems only)
  • New! 3 software packs as standard
  • Full 12 month warranty on all newly fitted parts


Download the upgrade brochure:


Upgrade from V2 to V3

You can rely on your Safeline metal detector to provide years of reliable product inspection service keeping you ahead of the game and in front of your competitors. But as we know, technology moves forward and everything grows old.

Upgrade and reap the benefits
The good news is your older Safeline metal detectors can probably be upgraded enabling you to benefit from improved performance and a whole lot more!

Enhanced Brand Protection
Improved metal detection capabilities through advanced Dynamic Filtering and improved interference immunity.

Improved Compliance
A dedicated Quality Assurance operator menu provides greater control and recording of QA testing procedures with the ability to configure test requirement alerts.

Reduced Costs
A common electronics platform for your metal detectors can minimize spare parts inventory and reduce costs for your business. A full year’s warranty for newly fitted parts is includes so you are totally covered.

Increased Productivity
New upgrades will minimize the risk of malfunction and make repairs even quicker in the unlikely event of a breakdown. New connectivity and data collection options deliver greater access to management information.

Low Cost, Easy Installation
Right now, we are offering an upgrade for your old metal detector at a special low price. The upgrade includes replacement of:

  • Full electronic module
  • Power supply unit
  •  Interconnection board

Upgrades can be undertaken quickly and effectively by our trained engineers to minimise downtime. Once completed, the engineer will re-commission the system, issue performance verification documentation and re-train operators if required.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your old machine.