C23 PlusLine

C23 PlusLine

Robust Performance. A conveyor speed of up to 150 meters per minute, a weighing range up to 80 kg and very high weighing accuracy position the C23 PlusLine at the forefront of heavy load checkweighing technology.

Product Handling Flexibility

Customizable with 150 performance and productivity enhancing options. Specialized guide rails and sorting devices ensure flawless product flow.

Performance in Challenging Environments

Designed for endurance and maximum reliability in wet, dry and harsh environments. Specialized conveyors designed to match production conditions.

Data Collection to Support Compliance

More than ten data communication protocols to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools. Supports Industry 4.0 integration projects.

C23 PlusLine

C23 PlusLine

A conveyor speed of up to 150 meters per minute, a weighing range up to 80 kg and very high weighing accuracy positions the C23 PlusLine at the ...

A conveyor speed of up to 150 meters per minute, a weighing range up to 80 kg and very high weighing accuracy positions the C23 PlusLine at the forefront of heavy load checkweighing technology. The robust performance of C23 PlusLine checkweigher allows its use in near to all industrial production situations, especially those where demanding high load application requirements need to be achieved in challenging working environments. It has been designed to fulfil the most demanding system integration requirements and can be utilised not only for end of line completeness checking but also for 100 percent weight control of single large products. C23 PlusLine systems are operated from a 12" multilingual touchscreen positioned in front of the conveyor for maximum operator safety.

Specifications - C23 PlusLine Checkweigher
Accuracy from ±5 g to ±10 g
Approval Weights & Measures design approval for official verification (MID certifiable)
Combination Options MD
Customization Options OEM
HMI 12"
Industry Food; Pharma; Cosmetics; Other
IP Rating IP 54, optional IP 65 (water protection design)
Maximum Product Weight >35 kg
Product Width 301 - 1100 mm
Production Environment Dry; Wet
Throughput 200 ppm
Transport Height 280 mm - 1 800 mm (± 50 mm)
Weighing Range 10 g - 80 kg / 10 g - 35 kg
Weighing Technology (Load Cell) EMFR; SG
Material Number(s) 24002300

Metal Detector Connection

Available with a metal detector input contact to trigger optional rejection devices, or to allow conveyor shutdown for contaminated products. Ideal for use as a Critical Control Point for optimum quality and to safeguard brand reputation.

Operator Safety

Systems are operated through a 12" multilingual touchscreen located in front of the conveyor for ease of use and maximum operator safety.

Weighing Technology

Strain gauge or electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) principle, digital, maintenance-free, with temperature compensation.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.




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C23 PlusLine Checkweigher


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C23 PlusLine Checkweigher
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