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XE100 CC Checkweigher

Weighing and Metal Detection. Product inspection system which weighs products and detects metal contamination on a single short conveyor, allowing for extremely small footprints and enabling the transport and drive belts to be changed rapidly for maximum uptime.

Compact Product Inspection System

Weighs products and detects metal contamination on one short conveyor, allowing for small footprints and rapid change of the transport and drive belts.

Extremely Compact Construction

Compact combination of an extremely small metal-free zone and highly efficient load cells, allowing for maximum output even with the smallest footprints.

Innovative Conveyor Belt

Innovative conveyor belt design for product inspection. Quick-release mechanism within the belt material enables a belt change in minutes.

Specifications - XE100 CC Checkweigher
Accuracy from ± 3/4 oz
Throughput max. 80 pcs/min
Weighing Range 0 to 60 kg
Material Number(s) 24000250

Central Multilingual Operating Terminal

Software in 28 languages for high productivity around the world. Designed for high operator reliability.

Proven Weighing Accuracy

Maximum weighing accuracy reliability thanks to the latest technology. The XE100 CC is an ideal Critical Control Point for product quality programs.

Top Metal Detection Sensitivity

Combination system with an advanced Safeline metal detector. Due diligence solutions make it ideal as a Critical Control Point for optimum quality.

Weighing Technology

Strain Gauge load cell, digital, maintenance-free, with temperature compensation, Swiss made.

Global Service and Spare Parts Support

An extensive global service network fully supports cross-border contracts and ensures timely support, availability, and rapid delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and keeps production running smoothly.



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XE100 CC Checkweigher


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XE100 CC Checkweigher


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