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    Serialization Systems

    In-line marking and verification systems for package traceability


    Complete Serialization Solutions

    METTLER TOLEDO offers complete stand-alone serialization solutions built to ensure manufacturers are able to meet any and all traceability requi...

    METTLER TOLEDO offers complete stand-alone serialization solutions built to ensure manufacturers are able to meet any and all traceability requirements for their industry. We began as providers of Track & Trace systems for the pharmaceutical industry, but have expanded our capabilities to offer complete traceability across all industries. Depending on the installation conditions and production line layout, there are different system configurations available:

    1. A stand-alone solution including the marking and vision component of the system retrofitted to the existing production line.
    2. A comprehensive all-in-one combination serialization solution comprising two different types of technology (for example, adding a checkweighing component to the system).

    By purchasing a complete serialization solution, manufacturers gain the assurance that all components will work together smoothly, and it becomes easier to add the solution to an existing production line. Smaller tabletop models offer serialization services to manufacturers with smaller scale production, or small batch production models.

    Choosing METTLER TOLEDO as your serialization solution supplier gives valuable benefits: perhaps most importantly, METTLER TOLEDO systems are designed to ensure complete compliance with existing traceability regulations in your industry. We cover all steps of the production process, and our global service and support network is there to ensure our systems continue to operate at peak performance levels.

    We make it a priority to keep pace with your production environment, so that serialization does not require a readuction of production speeds. METTLER TOLEDO solutions support monitoring of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), making it possible for production managers to see precisely how the addition of serialization equipment affects their OEE.

    It is important to have stable product handling when applying serialization markings, so METTLER TOLEDO systems are built to ensure packages are stable for a clear application of important marking and information. If you already have product handling in place, METTLER TOLEDO systems connect easily to existing conveyor setups - if you are building a new line from the ground up, we have systems that provide their own product handling. Certain applications will require line breakages - such as our combination serialization/checkweighing systems and our tamper-evident sealing systems - but the systems are designed with efficiency in mind and have the smallest footprints possible.


    Products and Specs

    Stand-alone and Modular Solutions for Serialization

    Products and Specs
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    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    DescriptionFlexible marking, verification and sealing unit to mark folding boxes for rectangular products
    Throughputmax. 300 pieces /min.
    Dimensions (L x W x H)1650 x 1700 x 2000


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