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Multi-Channel, Multi-Parameter M800

Achieve Maximum Flexibility in Your Analytical Monitoring

The M800 multi-channel transmitter is a full color transmitter that offers simultaneous monitoring of one, two or four in-line sensors plus two additional inputs for flow sensors to achieve maximum flexibility and control of analytics in your process. Featuring the ability to integrate with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) sensors, the M800 multi-channel, multi-parameter transmitter provides sensor diagnostic information to help users plan their maintenance program to reduce time and effort.

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What is the M800 transmitter?

The M800 transmitter family is a collection of multi-parameter, multi-channel transmitters with a full-color, touchscreen display, that offers simultaneous monitoring of one, two or four in-line sensors to achieve maximum flexibility and control of analytics in your process. The M800 also provides a series of calculated measurements, such as calculated pH, which uses conductivity measurements to calculate pH.  

Which ISM features are available on the M800?

The M800 gives access to all ISM features when integrated with a digital ISM sensor, and as a full color transmitter, it gives you the most versatile view. Tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (which tells you the remaining lifetime of a sensor), and Adaptive Calibration Timer (which tells you how long until a sensor needs calibrated) use color indications to ensure you can clearly see when a sensor needs maintenance. ISM technology on the M800 offers true predictive maintenance, resulting in fewer unscheduled shutdowns. The M800 also has Plug and Measure, which allows you to hot-swap a sensor by calibrating it away from the process and then quickly implement it into the process without the need for calibration at the measurement point.

How many languages is the M800 available in?

The M800 can display 10 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified).

What are the different versions of the M800?

There are multiple versions of the M800 transmitter. The M800 Process is designed for process measurements in pharmaceutical, chemical and food/beverage production. It is available in both a polycarbonate and stainless-steel design. The M800 Water is a multi-channel water transmitter that is designed for water monitoring in pharmaceutical waters, power plant cycle chemistry and semiconductor waters. Various models of the M800 transmitter also offer different communication protocols, including Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP and Profinet.

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