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Stationary Process Adaptions (Housings)

Stationary Process Adaptions (Housings)

Robust, reliable and versatile for easy installations and maintenance.

Stationary Process Adaptions (Housings)
Stationary Process Adaptions (Housings)


Stationary housings of the InFit range from METTLER TOLEDO are available in a large variety of models. They allow quick and simple static installation of measurement electrodes/sensors in vessels (top- or side-entry), pipes and flow-through chambers via an appropriate adapter. Typical applications cover measurement of pH/ORP, DO, conductivity and turbidity.


Features and Benefits

  • Standard holder for sensor/electrodes with Pg 13.5 thread.
  • Models for pressurization of liquid-electrolyte electrodes.
  • Wetted parts in s/s, special alloys/metal or polymer materials to suit application conditions.
  • Versions for fully sterile/hygienic/sanitary CIP operations.

Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Measuring Temp. Range
Process Connection
Wetted Materials
Material No.: 53300021
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Measuring Temp. Range0 °F – 176 °F (0 °C – 80 °C)
Process Connection¾ NPT
Wetted MaterialsCPVC, Viton
Material No.: 52401520
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Measuring Temp. Range32 °F – 212 °F (0 °C – 100 °C)
Process Connection¾ NPT
Wetted MaterialsPVDF



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