Puncture Electrode LoT406 for pH Measurement of Solid Food

Puncture Electrode LoT406

Puncture electrode with plastic shaft and XEROLYT® PLUS polymer for the Food and Beverage industry.

LoT406-M6-DXK is a puncture electrode with a polymer shaft and XEROLYT® PLUS polymer electrolyte specially designed for pH measurement in meat, sausage and cheese.

Specifications - Puncture Electrode LoT406
Short description low-maintenance puncture pH-electrode
pH-range 2...11
Temperature range 0...80 °C (32...176 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) ambient pressure
Pressure resistance (psi) ambient pressure
Diaphragm open aperture junction
Number of diaphragms 1
Reference system Argenthal system
Silver-ion trap no
Sterilizable no
Autoclavable no
ISM no
Model Family LoT406
Analog or ISM Analog
Measurement parameter pH
Sensor Length 25mm
Electrolyte Xerolyt Plus Polymer
Material Number(s) 59903311
Low maintenance
Low maintenance
  • The open junction diaphragm minimizes the formation of troublesome contamination of the diaphragm by proteins and fats. Refilling is unnecessary since the electrolyte is a non-liquid polymer.
Time saving
  • With the pH-electrode mounted in the optional puncture knife, easy penetration in meat and sausages is assured. The electrode provides exact values without need for time-consuming sampling.
Safety and easy handling
  • The needle-shaped membrane can take a lot of punishment. The plastic shaft is made of food-compatible PBT (FDA-approved).


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Puncture Electrode LoT406
USP Class VI
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