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Wireless iSense Adaptor iLink 1-Wire/BT

Cable-free connection to iSense

iLink 1-Wire BT (Bluetooth) is a wireless iSense adaptor for connecting ISM 1-wire sensors to iSense or iSense Mobile for pH, DO and CO2 measurement and sensor calibration.

Diagnostics Away From the Transmitter
The iLink module allows you to access all of the diagnostics of your ISM sensors away from the process with iSense mobile or desktop software.

Application Profiling Drives Performance
Store application data on iSense and load it directly into ISM sensors. This enables sensors to learn from sensors already used in the same process.

Easy Access to Paper Free Documentation
The iLink module allows sensor calibration and adjustment protocols to be generated automatically in iSense and stored in a fully digital database.

Wireless iSense Adaptor iLink 1-Wire/BT
Specifications - iLink 1-Wire/BT
Measurement parameter pH/ORP, Amperometric Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.
ISM Full ISM Functionality
Range 5 m
Ambient temperature 15 °C to + 50 °C
Rel. humidity 5 … 95 % rH (non-condensing)
Enclosure rating IP 67 connected to sensor
Communication iSense PC-based and iSense mobile (Android and iOS)
Certification QD ID: B019224; FCC ID: X3ZBTMOD3; IC: 8828A-MOD3 ATEX: Ex II (2)G [Ex ib Gb] IIB, EN 60079-0:2012; EN 60079-11:2012
Short description This is a Bluetooth iSense adaptor for connecting ISM 1-wire sensors to iSense or iSense Mobile for pH, DO and CO2 measurement and sensor calibration.
Material Number(s) 30126791
Features and Benefits

On-the-Go Measurement and Calibration
The iLink module's Bluetooth communication allows for a high degree of mobility for measurement and calibration procedures in the lab and in the field through a cable-free connection of 1-wire sensors to iSense and iSense mobile software.

Guided, Error-free Maintenance
Easy connection to iSense software helps reduce errors in calibration and maintenance workflows. Routines for calibration and maintenance on iSense software are guided and use simple animations. 

Sensor Diagnostics at a Glance
The iMonitor in iSense software shows the sensor health status at a glance. No interpretation or previous knowledge is necessary to understand if a sensor is still working well. iMonitor is easily accessible via the iLink module.

Ensure Pharma Regulatory Compliance
For the biopharmaceutical industry, iSense CFR enables electronic records and signatures, making it both FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP Volume 4 Annex 11 ready. The iLink module provides a direct connection of your sensors into this compliant software.



Quick Setup Guide for iSense Dongle
The iSense dongle enables Bluetooth 4.0 communication between iSense or iSense CFR software, and the following devices: iLink 1-wire BT, M100 Sensor M...
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iLink 1-Wire/BT
USP Class VI


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iLink 1-Wire/BT
USP Class VI
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