ISFET pH Probe, Non-Glass Sensors
ISFET pH Probe, Non-Glass Sensors

ISFET pH Probe, Non-Glass Sensors

Non-glass pH probes with ISFET technology, designed for process safety

Reliable and Long Lasting
Hygienically Designed to Meet Regulatory Needs
Eliminate the Risk of Broken Glass


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Case Studies

Success Story: INGOLD Products Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity
The InPro3300 ISFET electrode has proven to be the best solution. Since its initial installation, Glanbia Foods has not had to scrap a single batch du...


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Features and Benefits
Unbreakable solid-state ISFET electrode
  • Ideal for applications in processes where the presence of glass presents a potentially high risk.
Special design
  • Engineered to integrate with high-throughput automated food processing systems.
Industrial-standard connector
  • Industrial-standard VarioPin (IP 68) detachable connector to simplify cable installation.
Suitable for automated cleaning systems
  • Ideally suited for use in conjunction with automated electrode cleaning systems.
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