Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500

Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500

Retrofit Paramagnetic and NDIR with TDL

Tunable diode laser gas analyzers offer accuracy, convenience, and reliabiilty. The extractive cell adaption for the GPro 500 TDL is the optimal way to replace maintenance-prone paramagnetic and NDIR extractive systems.

Directly Replace Outdated Analyzers
The GPro 500 with leading-edge tunable diode laser technology can easily replace aging paramagnetic or NDIR analyzers.

Works with Existing Sampling System
The GPro 500 with extractive cell can be installed directly after an existing sampling and conditioning system for a quick, inexpensive retrofit.

No Alignment Necessary
Unlike most traditional cross-pipe TDL analyzers, the extractive GPro 500 does not need alignment, significantly reducing the risk of downtime.


Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500
Specifications - Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500
Effective path length 200 mm, 400 mm, 800 mm, 1 m, 8 m (7.87", 15.75", 31.50", 39.37", 315")
Gas Measured Integrates with GPro 500 analyzers for Oxygen, CO₂, CO, HCl, H₂S, Moisture, Methane, Ammonia
Lower Detection Limit Based on analyzer chosen
Short description This process adaption connects to a GPro 500 gas analyzer where conditioning and sampling are required.

Features and Benefits

TDL Technology in an Extractive Cell
Tunable diode laser technology offers a reliable, drift-free, and accurate method for measuring gas concentrations in a gas stream. While typically used in situ, some applications require sampling and conditioning. The extractive GPro 500 fits these processes.
Flexible and Consistent Platform
For Challenging Process Conditions
Contrary to paramagnetic extractive systems, the extractive GPro 500 can measure accurately even at very high flow speeds. It measures precisely up to 250 °C (482 °F) and at pressures that exceed standard controlled ambient pressure.
Fast, Intuitive Navigation
No Interference from Background Gases
The GPro 500 gas analyzer ensures you have an accurate measurement, even when background gases are present. Advanced signal processing technology in the GPro 500 gives you truly reliable measurements, without the risk of interference.
Plug and Measure
Non-Contacting for Corrosive Gas Streams
Gas measurement systems often have challenges with corrosive gases, as they can destroy the analyzer. The GPro 500 with extractive cell adaption uses a non-contacting measurement technology, so it can be used in conditions where corrosive gases are present.
Easy Configuration



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Complimentary eBooklet: Gas Applications for GPro 500 Analyzers
This eBooklet is intended as a convenient reference to a selection of the most common GPro 500 applications.

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Technical Specifications


Safety Manual for TDLS GPro 500 - Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer
This document contains information and safety instructions required to use the GPro 500 with direct analog output option in SIL environments.
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Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500
USP Class VI


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Extractive Cell Adaption for GPro 500
USP Class VI
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